The Source Code

The code is stored inside a git tree which contains all branches and releases.

All repositories can be browsed online through GitHub.

Getting The LibreMesh Code

Any LibreMesh development happens in the lime-packages git repository which can be browsed on GitHub or downloaded using git:

git clone
cd lime-packages

The Web Presence

The pages you’re reading are generated from text files using the AsciiDoc suite plus Jekyll. Any changes made to the projects web site will be reflected in our web git repository.

In order to generate these pages locally:

git clone
cd lime-web && bundler install
bundle exec jekyll serve

For more details, check the README on Github.

If you would like to contribute to the documentation then please send patches to our mailing list and use the prefix "doc:" in the patches subject.

Please use the AsciiDoc syntax for contributions on the web page.

Submitting Patches

We accept pull requests via GitHub. But patches can also be submitted via the dev mailing list.