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Because of the new FCC rules, new TP-Link models would require a special method to install third party firmwares like LibreMesh.
On TP-Link devices, you can typically identify that your router is FCC locked if you get a 18005 and/or Invalid Filename error when trying to flash.
These instructions can help bypass these new restrictions.

They have been tested with:
  • WDR3500

  • WDR4300

  1. Install dd-wrt: Select your router from Download US version, factory-to-ddwrt-us.bin, if applicable.

  2. Rollback to factory firmware: Follow instructions below to download correct file. You will have to set a username and password before continuing to dd-wrt’s Administration Page and selecting Upgrade Firmware. It does not matter if you choose to reset configuration after reset.

    1. Official reverts: Go to the official dd-wrt page for your router. For example, WDR4300. Download the webrevert.rar package. Don’t forget to decompress.

    2. Unofficial reverts: The original instructions for this guide pointed to a forum with revert links. To see the files, you will need to register and login at the bottom of the page.

  3. Install LibreMesh: Download factory version of LibreMesh, not sysupgrade. You must rename the file to the name of one of the official
    TP-Link firmware files (e.g. wdr3500v1_en_us_3_14_3_up_boot(151104).bin or wdr4300v1_en_3_14_3_up_boot(150518).bin). If you are unsure of the name for your device, try searching the OpenWrt page for your device and searching the page for some variation of the filenames above.

Original discussion and solution