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Change WiFi config

LibreMesh interface-specific WiFi configuration

If no specific WiFi interface configuration is present, the general WiFi configuration section is used for all the interfaces.

For more information about the general LibreMesh config file options see The config file page.

For more examples and offline documentation check out /docs/lime-example.txt on the router or, still on the router, on, or lime-example.txt file online.

Specific wireless interface configuration

To create an interface-specific configuration you must create a new wifi section named radioN, where N is the radio index (to see WiFi devices list execute: wifi status).

In the following example radio0 is used only for wireless client, radio1 is used only for Access Point with a custom ESSID name, and radio2 just for meshing.

WiFi interface-specific options (override general option), multiple allowed
config wifi radio0
	list modes 'client'
	option channel 'auto'
	option client_ssid 'SomeWiFiNetwork'
	option client_key 'SomeWPApskPassword'
	option client_encryption 'psk2'

config net wirelessclientWAN
	option linux_name 'wlan0-sta'
	list protocols 'wan'

config wifi radio1
	list modes 'apname'
	option apname_ssid 'MyHouse'

config wifi radio2
	list modes 'ieee80211s'
	option ieee80211s_mesh_fwding '0'
	option ieee80211s_mesh_id 'LiMe'

The first section configures one radio interface to be only a wireless client (station associated to a wireless access point).
The second section configures the just created client interface for obtaining an IP from the access point DHCP server. The employed name wlan0-sta has to match the name of the interface created by the first section.

The specific-interface configuration sections must be appended in file /etc/config/lime-node in addition to the already existing generic configuration.

In the third section, radio1 is configured for just being an access point with custom ESSID name, each specified option overrides the respective general WiFi option (listed in The config file page), all the non-specified options (like distance or channel) are taken from the general wifi section.
Specifying an entry of a list, replaces the entire list (for example, setting the apname entry to the modes list means that for this interface, apname will be the only active mode).

To apply the changes run lime-config and reboot.

interface names

In the just reported example, radio0 has to exist (check with wifi status) and also wlan0-sta has to be created by the first section in order to be used in the second section (after running lime-config, check with ip link show).

Network interface specific options

Available protocols: bmx6, bmx7, batadv, olsr, olsr6, olsr2, bgp, wan, lan, manual, static, babeld, apbb, client

Note that some of these protocols will require the relative lime-proto-…​ package being installed, otherwise the protocol entry will be ignored.

proto:vlan_number works too (something like bmx6:13 is supported). If VLAN is 0, no VLAN will be used.

VLAN type defaults to 802.1ad, but it can be set to 80.1q adding another option proto:vlan_number:8021q.

If you use manual do not specify other protocols, may result in an unpredictable behavior/configuration.