Connecting to your own node

Connecting to the Web Interface

For opening the web interface of your LibreMesh router, usually is enough to connect to it (either via wireless or via ethernet cable) and opening in a web browser.

Doing so will give you access to the web interface, from here you can customize LibreMesh settings or access the OpenWrt configuration interface. We discourage the use of OpenWrt settings sections as this could produce conflicts with LibreMesh configuration mechanisms.

Connecting to the Console Interface

If you need to bypass the web interface and modify the configuration directly, you can connect to the console interface. From here you can use basic Linux commands and edit the configuration files present in the /etc/config/ directory.

If you did not set an administrator (user root) password, you can connect via telnet issuing:


If the administrator password is set you will be able to open the router console via ssh issuing:


Leaving the LibreMesh router with no administrator password is a security risk! You should set a root password immediately! Either via the web interface of the passwd command in the console.

Connecting to other nodes

Using the IPv4 or the IPv6 you should be able to connect to any node. It should appear in the menu BMX6 → Nodes → (click on the blue circle).

All the nodes are probably in the same collision domain, so you can use NMAP to discover the nodes in your network and their IPv4s.

nmap -sT -p 80 10.X.Y.0/24 --open

You can also use the IPv6 link-local address to connect with the nodes of your layer2 Cloud.