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FAQ and recommendations

Do not edit other configuration files that are not free mesh

The configuration of a libremesh node should only be done through the libremesh configuration files
and never by directly editing the other configuration files.
This is because changes made to configuration files outside the
freemesh settings can be lost when

  • a change is made to the libremesh configuration

  • a firmware upgrade is made

Never modify the files with default values or the autogenerated ones

Although it might be convenient to directly modify /etc/config/lime-defaults or even
This should not be done because in the future when we want to understand
the configuration that we have of the node we will not be able to distinguish if we change a configuration or not.

I want to change an option to test, where do I change it?

In the Node configuration: /etc/config/lime-node

Do I have to configure all the options?

No, the configurations by the Default level provide a configuration that allows you to have a
mesh network experience without having to change anything

How do I see all the options currently in use on a node?

See the /etc/config/lime-autogen file.

I want to change something but I can’t find a freemaster option to do it

This is why there are [generic-configs] and [lime-assets]

How do I do it?

  • How to use the ap, apnode, mesh settings

  • How to put a radio as a client of another network (so that the node acts as a gateway)

  • How to set an administration password for the whole network

  • How to password protect the wireless

For detailed information on these questions you can see the examples in {lime-example}.